86.Letter to the Editor Regarding : Promoting the Causes of the Girl Child

By | July 17, 2023

You are Irina Mathews, President of ‘Girls Association of India’. Using the fact sheet given below, write a letter to the Editor of a national daily promoting the cause of girl child and discouraging its killing.

We are proud of our




SaniaMirza 2005                                       JoshnaChinappaArunaKesavan 2004

 Tennis sensation                                       Junior Squash Champion                 All India Topper

Our young Girl Achievers have contributed significantly to spreading awareness about the value of Girl Child in every Indian family.

Remember, we can correct the gender imbalance by caring for our daughters as we do for our sons.


12, T. Nagar


February 13, 2020


The Editor

 The Hindu Chennai


Sub: Promoting the causes of the girl child

 Through the column of your prestigious newspaper, I advocate promoting the cause of the girl child. I also express my great contempt, concern and anxiety at the female foeticide and the killing of the girl child.

It is quite unfortunate that in spite of legal parity and equality of genders, many sections of our society still entertain the age-long bias and prejudice against female children. The disparity between male and female children is widespread. As President of ‘Girls Association of India’, I laud the efforts of ‘Goodwill Ambassadors’, for ‘Save the Girl Child Campaign’.

Many leading sportspersons have come forward for the cause. Sania mirza, JoshnaChinappa and many others have joined the campaign. All these ‘Goodwill Ambassadors’ have stood for the equality of sexes. Besides, Sakshi Malik—Bronze medallist at Rio Olympics 2016, PV Sindhu—Silver medallist at Rio Olympics 2016 and Mary Kom—Bronze Medallist at London Olympics 2012 have proved that women no longer lag behind men. We should care for our daughters as much as we do for our sons. We should give them a good education and opportunities. They will show better results than their counterparts. Only then we can protect the girl child and remove the gender imbalance.

Yours faithfully

 Irina Mathews

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