96.Short Essay and Article on Importance of Celebrating Children’s Day

 Write an article on the importance of celebrating children’s day (100-120 words).

 Ans.                                               Importance of Celebrating Children’s Day

Children’s day in our country is celebrated on 14th November, which is the birthday of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru was the country’s first Prime Minister. The reason we celebrate children’s day on his birthday is that he loved children a lot. He had a special affection for children, in spite of being the Prime Minister of the country. So, as a tribute to him and his love for children, it is very important to celebrate the day as children’s day. When we celebrate the day we also have to explain to children about Nehru and his contributions to our freedom movement. When we celebrate the day, we also show the children how important they are for their parents, teachers and the nation as a whole. Children are tomorrow’s leaders. Children, too, feel proud of themselves when we celebrate the day.

As a part of the function, we can have different talent hunt competitions encouraging children to show their skills and awarding them with gifts. That would be the ideal way of celebrating children’s day.  

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