95.Short Essay and Article on Importance of Yoga and Games in Students’ Life

 You are Bhavna/Babuli. You are excited to know that your school has won various trophies and medals in yoga and games. Taking clues from the picture given along with, write an article for the school magazine on the topic “Importance of Yoga and Games in Students’ life”.

Ans.                                         Importance of Yoga and Games in Students’ Life

 Students today have the tremendous pressure of proving themselves in multiple activities. They have the capacity too. The competition among them is so tough that every parent wants his/her child to be a topper in various fields. Besides education, students want to show their skills in other co-curricular activities, which were once just optional or a hobby or a time pass. To take up these pressure students need to have physical strength and stamina. They should devote some part of their day in health-building activities like games or Yoga. A child who is stressed out with studies at school will tend to relax in front of the television for some hours and hence may become the couch potato in due course. In fact, only during such times, Yoga or playing games would re-energise the child. If these are done early in the morning, the benefits are high. Yoga and games keep children energized and give them a positive approach to life. With so many facilities available in schools for exercises and activities, the parents should make their children understand the need for Yoga and games.

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