Sample Report Writing: Fact Finder Club

By | February 15, 2024

Fact Finder Club

The ”Fact Finders’ club” aims to ”think out of the box” and delve deep down our mental horizons to everearth and unrarcl intriguing and the interesting facts; and  present them in fascinating ways along with celebration of various important days in the school premisses. The session 20__-__ dawned to usher in, path breaking and mind boggling addition to the scope of fact finders’ club by in compassing deliberation on significant issues .

Grthusiansm and vaguer of the members was surfaced through  the successful conduct of the following events through the year. The first activity of our club was the celebration of may day / Labor Day which was intended to pay a tribute and express our heartfelt gratitude to the Labor class or IV class employees of the school for their in-conditional and selfless services rendered to the school and students the high-spirites club members lift no stone unturned to pay back a fraction of what our they do for us all year round tirelessly and selflessly. The club organized various games and activities to make the labour class fell special and important. their active participation bent a serve to the Calibration. The event concluded with distribution of refreshment and by arranging special gifts for them which served as a taken of thankfulness.

            yet another event on the lines of the club motto of ” Discover the undiscovered”, was a presentation on smart cities, with an aim to created a unse of awareness amongst the students about smart cites, their pros and cons, the scheme associated to the cities etc. It also highlighted the humber of such cities, problems encountered by citizens, advantaged to various sections of the society. The event ehameed knowledge of the students regarding a key area of the government policy and thus widened the mental horizons.

                        Adding another feather to the club’s cap was an initiative to spread awareness among our school support staff in collaboration with the community service club. The club, thus launched a campaign about various schemes that the government has launched for the welfare and well-bring of the employees such as insurance schemes (Jan Dhan Yojana, Sukanya Sammriddhi Yojana,k Pradhan mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana,Jeevan Jyoti Yojana etc.) and ESI schemes that institutions offer to their employees. The Club, thus ended the year or a high note by breaking open the ocean of our constricted conference and uncoiling the campaigns facts. Little things make the bi9g thing happen and we, the members of fact finders club‘will continue to put our little efforts to help make a big difference for the society. The club members book forrard to embarking upon another mission of  exploring the unexplored, knowing the unknown and doing the undone.

CLUB IN CHARGE                                                  _______

PRESENT                                                                 _______

VICE PRESENT                                                      _______                                                  Total Club

SECRETARY                                                           _______                                                    Members : _______

XII class girls coordinator :  _______

XII class Boy Coordinator :  _______

XI Class Girls coordinator :  _______

XI Class Boy coordinator :   _______

X Class Girls coordinator :  _______

X Class Boy coordinator :   _______

IX Class Girls coordinator : _______

X Class Boy coordinator :   _______

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