9.English Essay Example on : A Rainy Day in Winter

By | July 25, 2018

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A Rainy Day in Winter

Rain is a boon in summer, but it is a bane in winter. I remember one particular day in January last.
As I got up early in the morning, I found the day unusually cold. I was shivering with cold. But I had to go to school as some important lesson were to be taught in the class on that day and the examinations were also drawing close.
I had switched on the geyser. But to my great horror, I heard a loud thundering of clouds outside. As I peeped through the window, a forked flash of bright lightning greeted me. I dropped the idea of having a bath and asked my mother to prepare my breakfast.
Hardly had I finished my breakfast when I heard the loud patting of raindrops accompanied by hails outside. Willy-nilly, I had to give up the idea of going to school.
My mother then prepared tea. The hot tea soothed my nerves and gave me some relief from cold. Then she prepared other dishes like pudding, etc.
Mother did not allow my sister either to go to school. So, we played some indoor games like carom-board and cards at home. We also watched T.V.
In the afternoon rain stopped. I had to go out to make some purchases of essential food products. I found everybody shivering. Everybody was cursing God for bringing rain in such cold weather. The rain had, indeed, augmented the intensity of cold. It was difficult to walk on slippery roads and streets. Life had become most miserable for those whose houses had started leaking and those whose streets were flooded with rainwater. The wage-earners had lost their day as they could not go to work and had to go without any earnings for the day.
Still, rain in winter is a necessary evil. It kills germs that cause diseases. Moreover, it is essential for crops, trees and plants.

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