84. Letter to the Editor Regarding : Poor Maintenance of Tourist Spots

By | July 17, 2023
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You are Maya/Mohan, 48 Court Road, Trichur. You had been to a tourist spot and were disappointed at the way the place was being maintained. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a newspaper on how places of tourist interest should be made tourist friendly. Take ideas from the notes given below:


* Utter neglect

* preserve the national heritage

* encroachment and vandalism

 * poor maintenance

* no security and safety

* make it tourist friendly

Ans. 48 Court Road


February 29, 2020


The Editor

The Times of India

 New Delhi



Sub: Poor maintenance of tourist spots

Through the column of your esteemed daily, I want to highlight the utter neglect and the power maintenance of our tourist spots. The Archaeological Department of India and the concerned authorities must take immediate steps to preserve our national heritage from degradation, encroachments and vandalism.

Last Sunday, the visit to the Tughlaqabad Fort in South Delhi disappointed me beyond words. No doubt, the exterior, the outer walls of the Fort have been given a face-lift. The situation inside speaks of utter neglect and poor maintenance. The ruins are not sheltered for druggists, gamblers and all kinds of anti-social elements. There is no security and safety for a few tourists who venture to visit the place. Most parts of the Fort have been encroached by the greedy property dealers and the muscle men of the area. The Tughlaqabad Fort is a very important heritage site of historical value. The complex has the grave of GhasuddinTughlaq and many other buildings rose during the time of Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq.

This place of immense historical value and a great tourist spot needs immediate attention and protective steps. The place must be cleared off the illegal encroachments without any further delay. Even pathways, lawns and lights need immediate attention. Security of tourists, especially of women and foreign tourists must be ensured to attract tourists in large numbers. The place must be made tourist-friendly. I hope the necessary steps will be taken immediately by the concerned authorities in this regard.

Yours faithfully


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