88.Short Essay and Article on Proper Dumping of Garbage

 Saurabh/Surabhi comes across the following pictures showing the dirt and squalor in metro cities like Delhi. He/she is appalled to see the condition and writes an article for the newspaper regarding the diseases that would spread because of garbage. Highlighting the role of MCD and the duties of citizens, write an article in about (100-120) words.

Ans.                                                       Proper Dumping of Garbage

 When we step out of our homes, how many of us really enjoy our surroundings? Very few or even none. Very rarely can we walk on the roads without jumping here and there, closing our nose to the stinks or making faces at the dirt and squalor that meet our eyes? We talk high on “clean city green city.” But we do nothing to make our city clean or green. The garbage dumping yards overflow, there is drainage overflow, there are open manholes, and the walls smeared with dungs, not to say of platforms dotted here and there with excreta of’ pet dogs. These are abominable sights. The metropolitans should reflect our country’s status to foreigners who visit us. In addition even health-wise, keeping them untidy invites diseases. Who is responsible for this condition? It is we ourselves! We are the ones who make the cities dirty. And so we should be the ones who should keep them clean. When we can keep our homes clean, why not keep the cities clean as well? We should also appeal to MCD to do the necessary repair of roads, manholes and drainage system besides cooperating with them to keep our cities clean.

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