83.Short Essay and Article on  Advantages of Tree Plantation

 You are Maria. Write an article on the advantages of tree plantation in about 100-120 words. Trees keep the environment cool, check direct sunlight, provide shade, and bring rain.

Ans.                                                  Advantages of Tree Plantation

Trees are important for us to survive on earth. Much has been said about how trees contribute to ecological balance and thriving of other living beings on earth. If there are no trees, there will be no animals or humans who depend on them. Trees and other living beings are a part of the earth’s environment and each complements the other, for sure. Trees keep the environment cool. If there are no trees, the earth will be scorched by the heat of the sun. Trees keep away from the direct sunlight as they give us shade. They help us maintain the ozone layer in the absence of which harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun could reach to us.

Another important aspect of trees is that they bring rain, provide fresh water for living beings and check soil erosion. Trees bring us rain and rain is essential for growing trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from us and give us pure, clean oxygen to breathe. Thus we can understand that the entire ecological cycle is maintained by the presence of trees.

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