83. English Essay Example on: Science and Human Happiness

By | June 23, 2021

Science and Human Happiness

The modern age is the age of science. Wherever we go, we find articles based on some of the other scientific formulas.

For instance, many of the students and office goers get awakened with the help of an alarm clock. The factory goers learn about the factory time through the buzzing of a hooter.

People generally go to places of work by using one or the other vehicle. The food they eat is prepared on the stove or gas oven. The clothes they wear are prepared in big factories and mills.

Science has enabled the modern man to fly in the air like birds and swim in the sea like fishes. Even more than that he can even travel in space which the birds can’t do. All the modem means of travel and other devices are the inventions of science.

Some of important devices and inventions and discoveries used by the common man are electric bulb, fluorescent tube, mixer, juicer, oven, grinder, refrigerator, TV, cinema, paper, printing press, bus, car, ship, tractor, aeroplane, microscope, telescope, X-Ray, A.C, railway train,computer, telephone, telegraph system, etc.

One important discovery of science is electricity which has made the working of so many factories and mills possible.

Inventions and discoveries in agriculture and irrigation methods have enabled food for the teeming millions on earth. Means of travel and communication have become faster and cheaper. Inventions in medical science have led to longevity and reduction in the ratio of child mortality. Life has become comfortable for the common man.

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