8. Class 11 & 12 Speech Writing : ‘How Media Influences public  ‘Opinion’

By | December 10, 2019

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Media has a strong hold on society. Write a speech in 150-200 words on: ‘How Media Influences public ‘Opinion’ to be delivered in the morning assembly.

Ans.                                         ‘How Media Influences public  ‘Opinion’

Good morning to all. Today I have got an opportunity to share my views with you on: ‘How Media influences public opinion’.

 The media nowadays is engaged in distorting critical facts, omitting vital stories and supporting people with the power to keep their secrets. On the other hand, it is also benefiting society by revealing stories, scams, etc, The influence of media is such that we know essentially nothing other than what we hear from them. Society absorbs whatever the media depicts. The media also sometimes respond to public demand and provides the information that the public craves for. Unfortunately, the public knows and desires more information about movie stars than they do about political development. The reason for this is that the public is more likely to watch shows with the kind of information.

A positive aspect of the media’s bias has been that it has facilitated change in people’s perception and exposed people to other cultures, made people aware of environmental needs and about the people far away.

The relationship of media content to audiences is not singular or one way.

One thing that can be done to rely on true information is to look for different sources. Just relying only on TV will not suffice. We, the public, should become more aware and smart to know the vitality of any issues or news.

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