8.Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topic : “Is Tradition a Waste for the Youth

Forward your arguments in favour of or against the topic: “Is Tradition a Waste for the Youth?” you are Sushil/Sushila. (Word limits 150-200).



Good morning respected judges, worthy teachers and my dear friends. Today I stand before you to speak in favour of the motion on: “Is Tradition a Waste for the Youth?”

Tradition is the process of passing on culture or custom from one generation to other. Some people who are very conservative, feel that the younger generation should go by the tradition, while other people feel that they should act freely.

The young generation is innovative. Thus, yes, I think tradition is becoming a waste for youth nowadays, Youngsters follow Western food and style and are forgetting their traditional food and lifestyle.

They think that in this age of globalization, they should have a chance of expressing themselves freely. The youth often like to try something which is considered adventurous by old people. They hardly listen to their elders and for the tradition is a waste.

Undoubtedly, the best way to keep alive the tradition is practice.

Yes, the youth consider traditions as a waste but we need to teach them their importance and vitality in their lives.


Good morning respected judges, teachers and my dear friends. In this debate on the topic “Is Tradition a Waste for the Youth?” I am going to speak against the motion.

In my opinion, it is wrong to say that the entire youth disrespect their traditions, values and cultures today. The youth value their cultural heritage and respect others who are leading an old lifestyle.

 The practice of customs by the youth keeps them attracted to their traditions. Some young men and women, who are attached to their culture, are proud to keep the candles, which their forefathers held with great expectations, burning.

As we can see many people prefer wearing traditional attire, especially on family get-together functions and festivals. Moreover, all the traditions are followed in the same old way with great pomp and circumstance.

The youth, which forms one-third of the world’s population, have a greater responsibility to uphold traditional values. Recalling the efforts of Gautama Buddha, we should follow the ideals professed by him. Youngsters have realised the value of their cultures and traditions. Some of them are working towards popularizing the same in other nations.

 So, in a nutshell, tradition is not waste for youth but a binding force of the love which keeps us connected to the soil.

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