79. Reading Skills Comprehension: Drugs

By | June 20, 2019

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 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

In the past thirty years, drugs have been discovered that prevent and cure physical disease and reverse the disturbances that occur in some mental illness. Excitement over what drugs can do has led people to believe that any ailment, infective or psychic, can be relieved by taking a pill. At the first sign of nervousness, they try pep pills. Medical journals now advertise tranquillizers, and other mood-altering drugs, doctors prescribe them; and the public expects miracles from them. In such an atmosphere, it is not surprising that drug abuse has spread.

1. According to the author, in recent years there has been

(a) a misplaced trust in drugs

(b) a distrust of drugs

 (c) recognition of the ill-effects of medicine

(d) None of the above

 2. According to the passage, the medicines that have been discovered in recent times

(a) can cure mental illnesses

 (b) can help treat some symptoms of mental illnesses

 (c) can reduce mental illnesses

(d) cannot cure mental illnesses

3. People often believe that

(a) medicines cannot cure all the diseases.

 (b) doctors can cure all the diseases.

(c) medicines can cure all the diseases.

 (d) doctors cannot cure all the diseases


1. (a): The author talks of the immense trust of people in drugs followed by the statement——-  drug abuse has spread’. This indicates a misplaced trust in drugs.

2. (b): The statement ‘drugs ———  reverse the disturbances that occur in some mental illness’ give the answer.

3. (c): The sentence ‘Excitement——–   pill’ gives us the answer

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