79. Complaint Letter Regarding : Complaint Regarding Missing Boy

By | July 28, 2023
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Your cousin is missing from home. Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police of your locality, requesting him to trace your cousin. Give all relevant details that may help the police department.

Ans:- H.No. 233, Shakti Nagar

Amritsar, Punjab

February 19, 2020

The Superintendent of Police

 Police Station No. 5

Amritsar, Punjab

Subject Complaint Regarding Missing Boy


This is to lodge a complaint regarding my missing cousin, Mayank Talwar, twenty-one years of age, studying in Punjab Technical College, Amritsar. He went to his college yesterday morning and did not return. All the family members are in a state of shock at his uncanny disappearance.

 In spite of all our endeavours, we have been unable to resolve the mystery of my missing cousin. Some witnesses have informed us that he had a plan of accompanying some of his friends to Shimla. In case, we come to know of any new development related to the case, we would surely inform you.

 I would be very grateful if you could kindly pursue the matter with the utmost urgency. My family and I would only be too glad to provide whatever help that might be necessary.

Thanking you

 Yours sincerely

 Shivam Arora

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