78.Short Essay and Article on Importance of Newspapers

Write an article on the importance of Newspapers in about 100-120 words. You are Rita.

 The news of the world—makes one aware of various activities—various government policies acknowledged by people—a necessary habit.                                                          

Ans.                                                          Importance of Newspapers

 Newspapers bring the world to our homes every day. The importance of the newspaper cannot be overstated. It forms the connection between an individual and the Outside world. It makes us aware of the activities taking place around the space globe. It is an important space where the government can relay information to the public. It is a democratic space where s much the voice of common people also gets showcased in the letters to the editor. The carries many important announcements, job advertisements, notices, opinions and activities. One should cultivate the habit of reading the newspaper as it helps broaden our viewpoint. It also helps to improve our vocabulary and language skill.  

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