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By | February 12, 2020

If you are thinking how to write an informal letter, you are at a right place. Edumantra.net provides informal letter format including informal letter example and samples which are likely to cover several informal letter writing topics. After going through the following page you will surely get answer of your question to how to write informal letter. Some informal letter samples are displaying well the format of informal letter in English. If we talk about CBSE formal education it is only asked only in classes 6, 7 and 8th. The following can be used as informal letter format cbse class 8and other remaining classes.

Write a letter to your friend, expressing your views about terrorism.

Ans: – 7, Kamla Nehru Road,


Date: 8th June 2009

Dear Dolly,

Many thanks for your letter of the first instant. I am sorry I could not write to you earlier as I was away to Delhi and returned only today.

I would like to share my views regarding terrorism which is a major problem faced by the county nowadays. Day in day out we hear sensational and shocking of various rules and sheds of political opinion in India as well as in other parts of the world. Terrorism has thus made our lives unsafe and precarious. Thus there is a need to stamp out terrorism from the society.

Strict laws must be enacted to punish the terrorist. There is a need to employ modem and scientific techniques to detect and trace terrorist and to provide them with serious punishment. A special anti-terrorist force must be created to keep the terrorism away.

With my sincere well wishes,

Your Sincerely,


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