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76. Reading Skills Comprehension: Picnic


Read the Passage carefully and answers the following Questions:-


 Even an ordinary everyday activity may lead to an insight into human nature.

A picnic had been arranged by the department. Everyone was supposed to join it. I, being older than a good many, was ill at ease at the thought of joining a bunch of callow youngsters. dreaming of some soft and sweet company on the way to the hill resort.

 But the morning of the adventure found the boy in me climbing the first ascent-rather steep and hard, to the applause of all Adams and Fives in the troop.

 Halfway through we started finding snow all around us, but, the boy in me by then was once again lost into oblivion. I found myself lagging behind and often falling down on the soft snow due to soft foam rubber soles of my shoes.

 A laughing stock I was. But, soon I found strong healthy arms supporting me. I pleaded, “Let me go, I’ll not be able to make it”, but they would not let me.

 They were the arms of two hill folks who like people, had been described as withdrawn, selfish and aloof by my friends from the plains.

 1. The narrator in this passage felt ill at ease at the thought of joining the picnic party because there was an age gap between him and the rest of the party. Which one of the following do you think is right?

(a) He would feel insulted because of the youngsters treating him as their equal.

 (b) He felt he would not be able to stand to the nonsense of the youth.

(c) He would be embarrassed at lagging behind the youngsters while climbing the mountain.

 (d) He would suffer psychologically in the company of the youth indulging in romantic approaches and conversations.

2. The writer climbed the first ascent rather fast because

(a) the sight of so many youngsters infused a spirit in him which made him feel like a young man.

 (b) he suddenly felt that he was still young.

 (c) he became competitive in the company of young boys and girls.

 (d) the sight of so many youngsters reminded him of his younger days.

3. The writer got tired soon because

(a) his age prevented him from exerting himself for a long time inspire of his best spirit.

(b) climbing a steep and hard rock was strenuous.

 (c) he had difficulty in walking on the snow.

(d) falling behind the young climbers dampened his spirit and depressed him.

4. The hill folk did not let him go because

(a) they had seen that others did not help him.

(b) they had seen others laughing at him and wanted to add to their joy by supporting him in this way.

(c) they realized the difficulty of a man from the plains in climbing up the hills which they could do very easily.

 (d) they had seen that he was a weakling and needed support.


1. (d)              

2. (b)

3. (c)               

4. (c)

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