75. English Essay Example on: Adulteration

By | September 6, 2019

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Adulteration is one of the trickiest problems we are facing today. It is because the adulterators are too cunning people to be caught easily. Moreover, they seem to be hand and glove with the police and health authorities that be.

 It is most unfortunate that today we can hardly get anything in pure form. Milk which is a kind of nectar from God and is meant mostly for children, expectant mothers, invalids and old people is one of the most adulterated things. What we get is not pure milk of the cow or the buffalo but the chemical milk prepared by mixing several obnoxious things such as caustic soda, fertilizers, detergent powders, shampoo, etc. with refined oil.

 The seeds of papaya are mixed in black pepper. There is corn flour or maida or wheat flour mixed in besan. We find the hone dung in tea leaves. There is sand in sugar. There are toxic insecticides in spices. The vegetables are washed in dangerous colouring chemicals and so on.

In fact, we can’t get any eatable in pure form. Then there are medicines which instead of curing disease can deteriorate it. The fake toilet soap we get in the market can cause rashes on the skin and perhaps even cancer. Similarly, we find several carcinogenic ingredients mixed in eatables. Sweets are coloured with the most harmful colours. Surprisingly, toxic elements have been found even in items of well-established renowned multinational companies manufacturing cold drinks, chocolates, etc.

Clearly, if urgent, drastic steps against the adulterators are not taken, the health of the whole nation may be in danger. These adulterators should be given severe punishments, including capital punishment.

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