71.Complaint Letter Regarding: Human Trafficking

By | July 28, 2023
Human Trafficking

Various types of complaint letters are very much needed in the present time and complaint letter writing is an art.  Main types are complaint letter for Human Trafficking and complaint letter to the Ministry of Tourism .  Edumantra.net provides you complaint letter sample pdf,

The slogan: `AtithiDevoBhava’ seems totally hollow. Encouraged by sustained efforts. of the ‘Incredible India’ and the natural beauty and cultural diversity of India, millions o.f. foreign tourists flock to Agra, Delhi and Jaipur. You are Nazim Ahmed, a resident of Tajgunj in Agra. Open fleecing, blackmailing, human trafficking and the drug trade go on uninterrupted in Agra, particularly, at the places in and around the TajMahal. This open collusion between them. .e touts and blackmailers are harming the interest of the genuine foreign tourists .and also spoiling the peace and tranquillity of the place. Write a strong-worded letter to the Ministry of Tourism, U.P., giving some useful suggestions in this matter.


12/38, Basari

Tajganj, Agra

February 10, 2020

The Hon’ble Minister of Tourism


Sub: Fleecing, blackmailing and human trafficking in Agra


It seems that the slogan `AtithiDevoBhava’ of the Tourism Department of India has remained only a hollow slogan, at least in Agra. The beauty, historical importance, and inimitable design of the TajMahal attract millions of foreign tourists in and around Agra. My residential colony, Tajgunj has become a notorious place for prospering crimes of the touts in the area. The hotel groups have illegally encroached upon the green belts. Illegal and uncontrolled constructions have made Tajgunj, a safe haven for all criminals related to tourism industry. In the narrow lanes of Tajgunj, drug trade, prostitution and blackmailing are continuing unabated. The touts fleece genuine foreign travellers. They speak so high of resthouses and hotels but make them stay in the most unhygienic conditions. The open collusion between the local police and the touts has given rise to the sale of drugs. Even the taxi drivers charge exorbitant rates from the tourists. The condition of all other tourist places is more or less the same.

I suggest a rational grading of all hotels and guest houses. Overcharging must attract penal actions. Policemen in plain clothes must be posted on strategic points to nab the culprits. All noted dealers in drugs and flesh trade must be given exemplary punishments.

No more hollow slogans. Only strong willpower on the part of the local police and administration can make Agra a safe place for international tourists.

Yours faithfully

Nazim Ahmed

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