70.Short Essay and Article on Sound Health: A True Blessing

 A sedentary lifestyle gives birth to all kinds of diseases. Write an article in about 100.120 words on keeping physically and mentally fit, and strong for publication your school magazine.

Hints: the importance of health –why health is deteriorating –sedentary lifestyle – no exercise – steps to be taken

Ans.                                                      Sound Health: A True Blessing

“Health is wealth,” is an old adage, and in today’s age, it is especially relevant. Children today are increasingly following a sedentary lifestyle as are adults. While the former are glued to televisions, computers and gaming consoles, the latter are typically stuck with desk jobs for eight hours a day. Lack of exercise, coupled with unhealthy food habits is causing rapid deterioration of health globally.

It is, thus, important to create awareness among the masses. An active lifestyle and healthy eating habits should be inculcated from childhood itself. In offices, just like tea breaks, exercise breaks should be made mandatory. The cafeteria should provide healthy food too. Thus, minor changes can bring about major health benefits, ensuring sound physical and mental fitness.

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