7.Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topic : “You can change your personality”

In a debate competition mentions your views in favour of or against the topic: “You can change your personality”. (Word limit: 150-200)


 Good morning respected judges, worthy teachers and my dear friends. Today I stand before you to debate on the topic: “You can change your personality” and I will speak for the motion.

 Change is the law of nature and change for better is good for everyone. Changing your personality is not as difficult as one might think. Some people think that they can’t change themselves and remain simple and sometimes live a serious, boring life.

A good personality helps you to be recognized by others among the crowd and keeps you in high spirit. People who possess a good personality are always on the better side. Personality is not only a term associated with exterior looks. It Includes how you speak, what is your thinking and how you respond along with your dressing and body style.

 People who do not have an affectionate personality are sometimes neglected too. They get rejected in auditions, interviews, competitions, etc.

Thus, changing yourself to possess a good personality is everyone’s right and no one should have a problem with that. Change brings freshness thus changing your attitude and belief. Thus, it helps you to prosper and enjoy life and love yourself even more.


The respected jury, principal, teachers and my friends: I stand before you to speak against the motion.

 Is changing the real you necessary? Is copying anyone else necessary? Is changing your personality so important? No, I don’t think so.

Is the personality only a factor in achieving successes? Is it so important that we forget who we are and try to be like someone else? We should not change our personality just for the sake of what others say.

 Personality should be good but is not required to be changed just to flatter someone or to copy others.

One should love the way one is and not pay heed to what the others would say. Every person has different thinking and approach to life. Thus, everyone possesses a different sort of thinking and attitude and one should take pride in oneself.

Persuading someone to change one’s personality is not. Everyone has a right to live like the way one likes.

Changing the personality due to peer pressure or society requirement and killing the real you is something which one should never do. It is better to keep the real personality of yours alive and live the way you want to live. When you are satisfied with yourself no one else can affect your thinking and personality.

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