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7. Article Writing on: My School Essay


The following short paragraph is an essay on my school it can be said essay on school or paragraph on my school. It could be best speech for kids. So if you are searching for simple sentences for kids in the form of my school paragraph you are at a right website. Read this speech about my school and say loudly I love my school.

My Dream School

Temple of learning, school is an educational institution where one spends twelve formative years of his/her life. Being a second (home for the students, a school should ideally be the one that contributes maximum to their overall development. My dream school would be a school that does the same.

My dream school would have a palatial building with big classrooms, the walls of which would be painted in vibrant colours of red and yellow, unlike the dull colours of white and blue and the students would be delighted by the mere sight of it raw wooden chairs would be replaced by colourful flap-over desks. The air-conditioned classrooms will be equipped with projectors and a television screen to encourage case studies along with textbook learning. With the vision of providing an environment to students to rise up to their full potential.

 The school would follow a highly intellectual curriculum slightly based on the Western pattern. The teachers committed to the fulfilment of the school’s philosophy would lay more emphasis on discussions and application than just the theoretical part. Not only that, moral education class would take place each week.

 The infrastructure of the school would be highly developed with all the modern amenities like-a big basketball court, swimming pool, lawn, gymnasium, etc. As outdoor games provide on the outlet to the students to release all their stress and rejuvenate them, an hour-long physical education class would be a part of the daily time table of every class and every section of the school. And nowadays when obesity is on the rise amongst adolescents, some physical exercise would help in weight management of the students and would increase their fitness level. The school would continually stress on neatness and place a sufficient number of trash cans all-around and encourage students to throw waste into it. Littering would be punished.

My dream school would also boast off a large multi-cuisine canteen. The students would have the luxury of access to multiple cuisines Chinese, Indian, Mexican, etc., all under one roof. Apart from that, the canteen would also have healthy foods like all kinds of salads, fresh fruits, etc. Moreover, the canteen would be a neat place to sit and eat; and the quality of the food would be excellent. As books are a vital source of knowledge, the library would follow an easy, hassle-free and computerised system of book issuance.

And lastly, to facilitate various inter-school and inter-school competition, debates, etc., the school auditorium would be well constructed with an excellent seating arrangement with a capacity to accommodate about five hundred students easily.

 Like Alice in the Wonderland, I have my own wonderland—my dream school. As summed up above, it is a paradise for anyone to comfortably spend twelve years of his\her life and pass out after having become better citizens of the society and not mere crammers seeking education for the sole aim of getting a degree or job.

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