68.Short Essay and Article on ‘Problem of Stress among Students’

By | July 15, 2021
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 Homework, Exams, Sports, Work, Friends or Family? There’s a lot to cause stress among students these days! Balancing all these parts of your life can be difficult at times. Taking ideas from the poster given alongside and using your own ideas, suggest ways to combat the ‘problem of stress among students’. Write an article in about 100-120 words. You are Rachit/Rachita, a student.       

Ans.                                                    ‘Problem of Stress among Students’

Presently, the students are sinking due to mental tension or stress. Due to large expectations by the parents and the teachers, they are pressurized to complete their homework, show good result during exams, and develop a holistic personality to show the excellence in other areas as well. They are confused about their own behaviour. Due to this mental chaos, their physical health is also deteriorating. Their decision making capability and self-confidence is continuously shattered by the negative comments thrown by the parents and teachers at them.

It is really needed to change the lifestyles to make our youngsters stronger and mentally fit. The students must be guided to do regular exercise and yoga in the morning at least for half an hour. After long hours of studying, relaxation is necessary. The students must be counselled to eat healthy and homemade food instead of fast/junk food. Communication is the best tool to eradicate the anxiety of mind. Thus, the parents and teachers must be a good communicator so that students can share their problems with them. Hence, a student can always beat the stress through the proper schedule and optimistic approach.

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