45. Letter to the Editor Regarding: Teacher’s Day

By | July 27, 2023
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In 100-120 words, write a letter to the editor of The Daily Express, expressing your views on the topic of Teacher’s Day — using hints given below:

Celebration and enjoyment — respect and value of a teacher


202, Pushpa Colony


February 12, 2020 


The Editor,

Navbharat Times,




Subject: Teacher’s day

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to express my views on the value of a teacher in our society. On 5th September, our school celebrated teacher’s day on the occasion of the birthday of Dr Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan, the great educationist of India. Class XII students dressed up like our teachers and taught the junior classes. The day was enjoyed both by the teachers and the students. Teacher’s day celebrations, all across the country are both by the teachers for their sincere efforts to impart knowledge to their students.

The teacher’s act as the guide for life, show the path towards success, and enrich the personality of their disciples by imparting ethical and academic knowledge.   The celebration shows the respect and value of a teacher in students’ life. This celebration is an opportunity for the students to extend their gratitude to their teachers.

Teachers are one of the greatest people who are not only selfless-givers but also the mentors of your life. At every step, teachers enlighten our path and life. Salute to our great teachers.

Thank you

 Yours Sincerely


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