62.Short Essay and Article on : The Aim of Education

The Aim of Education

In ancient India, education was given in gurukuls. There the pupils were taught on an equality basis, irrespective of the social or economic position of the pupil. These children were given not only the knowledge of the Vedas and other scriptures but also training of practical things of life such as arts, sciences, etc. for instance, archery and other martial arts, etc.

Later, it came to be believed that the only aim of education was to broaden the horizons of mind and that it had nothing to do with jobs and employment skills. The result was that students who got degrees knew no skills and found it hard to get absorbed in any of the industrial units and other business concerns – Even those who had got science degrees knew things only theoretically and had no knowledge of the practical way of life.

In the present era, people have got awakened to reality. They feel that the capacity to make the receiver or holder of the degree or diploma in any field find a suitable job or profession should be the primary aim competitive examinations, of education- In many degrees are only token marks for entrance test for services in government or private concerns.

Thus degrees stand delinked virtually since these are now mostly the competitive examination tests which are the deciding factors in the matter of selection for jobs. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and State Commissions have long been following this policy but other concerns and government departments have also now started following it.

Therefore, it can be said with emphasis what President APJ Abdul Kalam stressed while releasing the UGC logo that education without enabling the student concerned to be able to find a job after its completion must be considered meaningless.

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