61. Reading Skills Comprehension: National Policy on Education

By | June 18, 2019

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(S.S.C. 1994)

Read the Passage carefully and answers the following Questions:-

 Education, as Mahatma Gandhi described it, “is the tool for the development of consciousness and reconstitution of society”. Since Independence, India has stressed reforming and restructuring the educational system as part of state intervention. The National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986, which is hailed as a landmark in the Indian educational system, provided a comprehensive framework to guide the development of education in the country. The NPE and its Programmed of Action were again updated in 1992 through a similar consensual process involving all the State governments, resource organizations and educationists.

What has been worrying the critics and educationists alike is the non-fulfilment of one of the NPE objectives: the education of a girl. It has been stated in the NPE that the ‘Education For All’ meeting should have a strong gender focus as Education For All by definition is gender inclusive.

 1. According to Mahatma Gandhi, education is

 (a) a medium through which people are taught to become sensitive to the realities around them

(b) a tool to develop their conscience and constitution

(c) a tool to develop their understanding of the constitution of society

(d) an instrument to develop their society consciously

2. The National Policy on Education provided

(a) guidelines for the comprehension of education in the country

(b) guidance material to develop education in the country

 (c) a comprehensive plan for the development of education in the country

 (d) comprehensive development of education in the country

3. According to the passage, critics and educationists are worried that

(a) the education of girls is one of the objectives of NPE.

 (b) the objectives of NPE have not been fulfilled.

(c) non-fulfilment of NPE leads to the education of girls.

 (d) one of the objectives of NPE has not been fulfilled.

 4. According to the passage, ‘a strong gender focus’ means

 (a) a focus on the strength of gender

(b) a focus on strong gender

(c) a strong focus on gender bias

 (d) a focus on the male-female ratio

 5. In the passage, the author makes a plea for

 (a) free education

(b) universal education

 (c) the education of men

(d) the education of women


1.(b)                 2. (c)

3.(c)                 4.(c)


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