60. English Essay Example on: The Dust – Strom

By | September 6, 2019

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The Dust – Strom

That day is not far off when the beautiful city of Delhi will be a desert like the other cities and towns of Rajasthan. The Desert of the adjoining state is blowing and covering this capital city at a terrific speed. The dust-storms and the sand dunes of that area blow day and night. During the summer months, the situation is extremely grave. From morn till late in the night the sand goes on amassing in our houses and roads. Sometimes at night, the dust-storms do not permit you to have a wink of sleep as they bun past noisily. There is no rest or respite to the people of Delhi from these oft-blowing dust storms. There is a constant fear lest this centuries-old city should become another great desert like the Thar Desert. The storms may lay it waste.

The dust-storm comes blowing everything at an alarming rate. The roofs of thatched houses, mud-huts and the like blow off. Sometimes the heavy objects like buses and trains are lifted up from the ground and are thrown away miles and miles off their actual place. It disrupts the normal life of the city-goers. The eyes get blurred. Even in the day, the atmosphere becomes pitch dark. Nothing is visible. The electric poles are knocked down. The city light trips and the whole city is plunged into a complete black-out. Nothing is clear. We become virtually blind. The traffic comes to a stand-still. The shops are closed. The vendors rush helter-skelter. The stray cattle and street curs (dogs) have a very miserable (bad) time.

A dust-storm brings so many difficulties in its train. The total activity is badly disturbed. The sand flies freely along with plentiful of dirt and dust. The roaring of the strong gale is deafening. Nothing is clearly audible. The doors and windows clatter persistently. One feels as if the earth is moving by the weight of an earthquake. It looks as if the time of crisis has arrived. Everything including all creatures and human beings will face complete ruination. The fury of the dust-storm goes on unabated. Next day when the gale stops, the story of the annihilation comes before the authorities. They assess the loss. One feels helpless before this nature’s anger.

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