CBSE Debate writing Example No- 6

By | March 27, 2020

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 Punishment is necessary for every wrong act otherwise nobody thinks twice or thrice before act and used their liberty as a license. Do you think Corporal punishment should be allowed in schools? Discuss both sides of favor and against the motion.

 Ans. Honorable Judges and my dear friends. I stand before you to discuss my Opinions v. Nether corporal punishment should be allowed or nor? Corporal punishment is generally used to try to punish someone for doing something wrong and to deter them from doing it again and has a very long history to it. Some kind of physical punishment will be administered and could involve smacking an individual around the buttocks or across the legs or anything else which results in pain.

Corporal punishment is sometimes used in schools to rectify a naughty child’s behavior; sometimes parents decide to use corporal punishment to discipline their child: while there are occasions when in a judicial setting corporal punishment will be used. Not everyone believes that corporal punishment is appropriate, though, and some think that it actually causes more harm than good.

Some studies have shown that spanking your kid, three times a week lowers their IQ and some report have said spanking leads your child to bad behavior. While others, personal account, said a little spank ing, once a while. makes you more successful latter in life .These days, it is observed that many parents are in favor of physical punishment to discipline their children but its a issue of society that its had or good but I am partially agree in my point of view. First and foremost thing is throughout punishment in schools leads to good Performance Students get punished strictly which teach them how to leave in decorum with good outcomes. Such as if teachers smack children to be in disciplined in early age then it leaves great impact on children’s mind not to repeat that mistakes again in future. So here it has become one important task.

However, it has sonic disadvantages as well. In schools or any education centre teachers commit punishment to students just to release his or her stress. It may lead them to drop off the school or some of them commit suicide due to harsh behavior of teachers. Such children who are leading lavish life mostly because they are not under control force them to behave ill mannerly among teachers. It gets them towards on wrong path. In additional, its difficult for teachers to manage children by persuading, explain in smooth way all efforts are useless so therefore only way is left that is corporal punishment which has quickness and effectiveness to make decorum among students. But it should he in some limited way not in cruel manner.

To conclude: To be strict with children is good method to teach them but in my views it should be limited way not to be heated.


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