6. Application to the School Principal for : Bad Condition of Walls

By | September 13, 2022
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You are Prakash Singh, studying in Rao Hari Singh Memorial School, Hissar. The building of your school is so old that cement plaster has fallen down from several places in the walls. Write a letter to the Principal of your school requesting him for the repairs.

Ans. The Principal

 Rao Hari Singh Memorial School


 25th September 2001


Subject: Complaint about the bad condition of walls in classrooms

With due regards, I wish to bring to your kind attention the bad condition of our school building as well as the classrooms in which we are studying.

 You know the school building is very old. Every four years our managing committee introduces changes for improvement in academics. It seems that nobody has taken a serious look at the school building which is in a really dilapidated state. The rooms in which we are studying are a testimony of utter neglect. The cement plaster of the rooms has fallen down at several places. What a frightful rainy season we passed!

It is indeed difficult to express the discomfort and uneasiness we feel all along while studying.

I request you, sir, thus to please order the repairs and save us from this unnecessary strain.

Yours faithfully

Prakash Singh

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