59.Short Essay and Article on Educational Reforms

 Educational Reforms

 After Independence, there have been set up several education commissions and committees to bring reforms in the Indian education system. But, as we know, there has been only limited success in this field. Of course, now there exist many schools which may be considered much better than most of the schools during the pre-Independence period, but much more needs to be done.

 At present, we have on the government level a system of 10+2+3. There is high school teaching up to class ten. Then there is 2-year schooling known as 10+2 after that and thereafter there is graduation which coven three years Thereafter, M.Phil. requires one year and PhD at least two years.

There is actually no end to higher education and then there are so many courses, diplomas and degrees in various disciplines which require different periods of study.

The most crucial question, however, is the general, basic and such education which may be elementary in nature though whatever names, nomenclatures, compartments and components it might be having. This general education is essential for broadening and evolving the mind.

In the public school system of education, education starts with play way methods, nursery, KG-I, KG-II, Class I to VIII, etc.

 The most important point in all types of education is that it should be affordable to the common man. There should be no discrimination on any basis. It should be need-based. It should mould the child’s personality to the constructive and positive side. It should eliminate cramping and copying. The child should be at the centre-stage in this system. His faculties of expression and growth should be developed.

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