56. Formal Letter Example Regarding : Food Adulteration

By | March 30, 2020
Food Adulteration

Writing a formal letter is an art because it is in much demand these days. Some examples are official letter format for request sometimes it is official letter format to government, and you may have to write letter to organization for different purposesand it may be formal letter example application for a job. We are going to provide youletter to Consumer Redressal Forum,   for Food Adulteration .  Find this formal letters example regarding Food Adulteration and enrich yourself.

Food Adulteration



 In the Court of the

Consumer Redressal Forum,

Tis Hazari,

New Delhi.

Ms. Shakuntala Devi v. Madhav Nagar Super Bazaar (Housewife)


 I beg to state that on 13 April 19…, I visited the Madhav Nagar Super Bazaar to make my usual monthly purchases of victuals, provisions and some appliances.

 I made a total purchase for Rs. 2058, made the payment and left the bazaar with the rations and the bill.

On inspection at home, I found that three packets of sarhar’ pulse bought at the said Super-bazaar contained worms and were in a very bad condition. I immediately returned to the manager of the Super-bazaar and requested him to exchange the pulse for some other item or to refund the amount of Rs. 208 to me. He not only refused to refund or exchange the items, but rubuffed me by saying that customers bought things at their own risk.

Kindly adjudicate so as to have not only the amount and damage refunded to me, but the transport amount for plying to the bazaar and return home (Rs. 105) by three-wheeler.

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