38.Letter to the Editor Regarding : “Pets-our True Friends”.

By | July 27, 2023
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Write a letter to the editor of a local daily in about our true friends” using the hints given below:

  • companions in loneliness
  • pets help us to learn, share, and care
  • selflessly put others before ourselves
  • responsibility


 1, MG Road,


 March 12, 2020


 The Editor,

National Herald,



Subject:  “Pets-our true friends”.

Through the columns of your newspaper, allow me to highlight the ill-treatment meted out to stray dogs in posh urban areas. The stray dogs remain hungry due to the scarcity of food some hard-hearted and ignorant children and fellows kick them or throw stones at them. Sometimes, children pull the ears or the tail of the puppies out of enjoyment. In fact, pets are our good companions in loneliness.

They never cheat house/home us and always wan from t to share their true love with us. Many pets such as dogs selflessly protect our provide help to us. Hence, it is our responsibility to create awareness in the public to treat even the stray Hence; it is our responsibility to create awareness of the p dogs and pets with kindness and affection.

We must awaken the MCD not to trap or kill them but to shelter them. The ailing pets should be healed rather than poisoned. Now, it’s time to change our attitude towards pets as they are also living entities like us I sincerely hope that you will publish my article in your newspaper.

Thanking you,

 Yours faithfully,


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