56. English Essay Example on : If I Were a Millionaire

By | September 6, 2019

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If I Were a Millionaire

Would that I was a Prince or a King or a Prime Minister or a millionaire. But sir, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. This is not a reality. It is possible only in dreams. It is just pious wish.

 But if perchance the Mammon (god of Wealth) is gracious to me and he showers piles of wealth on me, I will not let the opportunity slip out of my hands. I will catch it by the forelock. I very well know that time; chance and tide wait for none. If I miss this all-time opportunity of my life, I shall be a fool of the first water; which I do not want to become. Like all others, I, too, want to grow rich.

If I get millions of rupees in my pocket, I shall be the master of the situation. We know that money makes the mare go. I shall complete all my incomplete jobs. I shall get a cozy and comfortable house in a posh colony. I will get it decorated by a first class interior decorator. I will spend money like water. I shall buy a Royal Royce car. I shall purchase all the conceivable (which one can think) luxuries of life. I shall not walk on earth. I shall soar high in the sky. I shall soar wingless. I shall be as free as the air itself.

 I shall go round the world not in eighty days as a well-known novel of the similar name proclaims. I shall visit all the countries in the world. I shall go from east to west and from the north to the south. I shall drive to the other end of the globe. The money will not be a constraint (compulsion) in the pursuit of my ambitions. I shall amuse myself in a hundred ways. I will be the luckiest chap of the world, amassing of untold wealth will be my sole aim.

But I should not count my chickens before they are hatched. I should return to the place of reality. I should walk on earth. I must not build castles in the air.

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