51. Short Story: Captivating of Birds

By | September 27, 2022

You have a pet parrot in a cage. One day you decided to set it free but the parrot refused to – Complete the story in about 150-200 words.

Ans.                                      CAPTIVATING OF BIRDS

It was my longtime desire to have a pet in my house. 1 liked to have pets because I can spend time with them and play with them. When I expressed my desire to my parents, they agreed to get me a pet of my choice. I decided to have a parrot as my pet. We went to a pet shop and got a parrot.
Parrots have always been fascinating to me. I liked the colour and the sounds they make. I have heard in books that parrots can be trained to speak. That got into my head as I. bought the parrot.
Every day it was a pleasant feeling in the morning when I went near the cage and saw what my parrot was doing. I gave it the name “Bittoo”. I gave him grains and got excited when he had them one by one slowly. I developed an attachment with the bird. I really started enjoying Bittoo’s company.
After a few days, I decided to start my experiment to train the bird into speaking. From greeting the bird in the mornings, I started my training. It was as if the bird had approved of my intent and slowly he started responding to me. Whenever I spent my time with Bittoo, I made him come out of his cage and sit in the open space and allowed him to move freely, because anyways he could come back.
In six months’ time, he was well trained to greet me, my family members and even my friends. I even felt he could recognize the people. My friends were excited to talk to Bittoo. One day there was a programme in our school where the primary school children enacted a skit on “captivating of birds and cruelty to animals”. The students played their role well and sent across a strong message which touched my conscience. Returning home, I went to Bittoo, opened his cage and said, “Goodbye Bittoo, you can enjoy your freedom!” Bittoo came out, looked around, flew here and there and looking at me, went inside the cage. He had sent the message to me that if I may give him freedom now, but anyways if he is captured again by any other person, he may never have his freedom.

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