50.Short Essay and Article on ‘Assets of Modern World Boon or Bane’.

 Write an article on ‘Assets of Modern World Boon or Bane’.

Ans. Computers, televisions and the internet, these are some of the necessary assets in our contemporary world. It seems that the world without media sources would come to a halt. Let us analyze the constructive and the destructive side of modern technology.

 Computers nowadays are the major attractions in any market, like offices, homes or businesses or stocks. It has definitely changed the world we live in. With the invent of this magnificent device, people have realized the benefits of technology, which is to make lives easier and comfortable, in this technological era. Even if you ask a 3 years old child how to operate a computer, an answer will definitely be positive.

 Nowadays we are living in the era of mobile phones, tablets and internet which proves both boon and bane for the modern man. It is boon as it is easier to carry wherever you like, you remain in the network of your friends and family. But on the other side of the coin, these assets are equally more expensive. Similarly working on computers for long hours continuously, can lead to stress and depression. In addition to that, people tend to gain weight as they work on computers all day long. Furthermore, working on computers for more than four hours can lead to a decrease in eyesight. But this is not all, by the invention of the internet, minors have easy access to explicit materials online. In addition to that, E-mail frauds are all-time at a high rate.

 In my opinion, every technology has some benefits and seine drawbacks. Just like the medical pills which have side effects. It is our discretion because the choice is ours. It depends on us. Which side to choose from, the constructive side of technology or the destructive side?

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