5.School Application Format and Example of Application to the Principal improvement of canteen service.

By | August 2, 2018

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Let’s dive in-

 As a member of the school canteen committee make recommendations for the improvement of canteen service.


The principal

APL School

Gulehri Complex,



 I am a student member of the school canteen committee. I want to make some recommendations for the improvement of canteen services.

 My first recommendation is that the canteen contractor should be changed. The present contractor is a rude lazy person who does not care for cleanliness and picks quarrel with students over trifles.

My second recommendation is that another room should be built as a part of the canteen complex exclusively for girl students.

 Thirdly, outsiders should not be allowed to enter the canteen premises.

Thank you.

Yours obediently

(Rakesh Roshan)

R/No. 15

Class IX

16 September…

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