CBSE Debate writing Example No- 5

By | November 30, 2019

Hard work and practice is the base of any victory. This page gives you debate writing format CBSE in the form of examples. Go through these best debate writing examples and keep the thoughts as well as debate writing format in mind.

 “Is City life better than living in a Village”? How far do you agree? Discuss your opinions related to favor or against the motion.

Ans.                              “Is City life better than living in a Village”

Honorable Judges and my dear friends, I stand before you to discuss my opinions related to whether city is better than village or not. 1 completely disagrees as village life is better than cities.

The village is praised for its calmness. Fresh air and the laid back way of doing thinks. The town on the other hand is a busy place but with lots of opportunities. But where is the grass truly greener?  Living because life has become more expensive. You can’t live in town without money. But in village you can survive because life is relatively cheap. Meanwhile criminal activities are more likely to happen in town than in the village. In the village people eat fresh food, which they grow themselves. People in the village can also slaughter animals and get meat. They also enjoy lots of fruits. Hunger is foil-rotten in the village. Because of fewer vehicles in the village, people are safer and road accidents are minimized. The village also has clean air and the environment is very beautiful. Rural life is simple. Families stay close together and care more for each other. Also, natural resources such as rivers, hills, mountains are plenty in the village. People who are living in rural areas are very important to our economy because they are the producers of food.

In conclusion I must say love, relationships, family. Intimacies are present in the soul of village life which is completely fades away in pragmatic and practical soul of the town. Here I would like to add the line of the poem of famous poet William Shakespeare “Clod made the country and manmade the town”.


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