48.Short Essay and Article on Pathetic Condition of Child Labour

 National Child Labour Projects have been set up in different parts of the country to rehabilitate child labour. Under these projects, special schools are established to prove non-formal education, vocational training, supplementary nutrition, etc., to the children who are withdrawn from employment. In the light of above statements prepare an article for the school magazine on “Pathetic Condition of child labour” and also state reasons why despite many measures to eradicate it, it is still surviving.

Ans.                                       Pathetic Condition of Child Labour

Child labour, a social dogma, for Indian society where children are forced to do labour for their family upbringing in bad conditions of factories, industries like a making of carpets. A servant in a restaurant, etc. Can we eliminate child labour? One cannot dispute the fact that employers exploit children by paying them much less than what they would pay to adults and the future of the working children is ruined as they will not be able to attend schools and get- educated for a better future. But once we consider the economic compulsions of the families. Which forced the children to work, and then we realize that the elimination of child labour will be a distant dream till socio-economic status of these families is not improved. In 1987, the Indian government formulated the National Policy on Child Labour to protect the interests of children. As a part of this policy, through the elimination of child labour is an impossible task in the current socio-economic scenario; the Indian government is committed to the task of ensuring that no child remains illiterate, hungry and without medical care. When this ideal will be achieved is a million-dollar question. Child labour is no doubt-, an evil that should be done away with at the earliest. But in a society where many households may have to suffer the pangs of hunger if their children are withdrawn from work. Beggars can’t be choosers. These families have to send their children to work, even if the future of these innocents is ruined, as that is the only choice open for them to survive in this world. Therefore, unless the socio-economic status of poor families is improved, India has to live with child labour.

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