47. English Informal Letter Example on : Letter to Friend Expressing Sorrow on his Failure in the Examination

By | September 27, 2022

Letter to a friend expressing sorrow on his failure in the examination.

Ans: – 549-A, LajpatRai Market,

Gali no. 6, Ch. Chowk,

Delhi – 6.

Oct 15, 2000

My dear Ravi,

 I am deeply pained to learn of your failure in the Board Examination. I do not understand how a diligent boy as you are, got plucked.

I fully know that you have been wantinga very hard day and night all year round. You have been extra-ordinary intelligent in the class as well. Even all the teachers held a very high opinion about you. You have given a good account of yourself in all the home-tests. Then where has the lapse occurred?

You must be feeling totally frustrated and disappointed. I can well understand the sorrow of your parents. Even the other day when I met you, you were highly hopeful of your brilliant result. I think some inadvertent mistake has crept in on the part of the Examiners. In three subjects English, Mathematics and Physics you are securing more than 85% marks. But in Chemistry and Biology, you have been shown obtaining 29 and 27 marks respectively. Dear, Rajiv, it is hundred per cent impossible. It is next to nothing. I do not believe it. It is a total injustice. It is not a fair play. Something has missed somewhere.

Now the best recourse before you is to apply for rechecking of the papers of Chemistry and Biology. Even a computer can err. After all, that we feed in it is bound to come on the monitor.

Take heart. Wipe your tears. Be brave. It is not the last battle you have lost. There are many chances to win the field.

Feeling deeply sorrowful once again.

Yours sincerely,


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