46.English Essay Example on : Will Power

By | July 25, 2018

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 Will Power

The main faculties of human mind are to think, to feel, to plan and to will. All these faculties are important in their own ways and have been beautifully verified in one of his most celebrated pomes: “Is this the end?” by the renowned Indian sage statesman, philosopher and Indian English poet, Sri Aurobindo.

 Of all the human faculties, the power to will is the most significant. It is rightly said that will power can move mountains; When Napoleon was told by his soldiers that the Alps were a great obstacle in their way, he simply replied, “There will be no Alps.” The famous dictum, “The word ‘Impossible’, is found only in the dictionary of fools,” is also attributed to him.

Many poor people have been seen to have excelled in several fields and some of them have even become billionaires through the sheer power of will. Will power must be backed by tenacity, sagacity, judiciousness, perseverance and sincerity of purpose. An effortless will power is just a contradiction in itself. The other faculties such as the capacity to think feel and plan must work in unison with the will power to show extraordinary results.

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