4.Speech Writing: ‘Cancer—A Silent Killer’

By | April 6, 2020

Writing speech in English is a difficult task. You must be thinking how to start a speech of introduction or so. We are here with speech writing format and speech examples read these speech examples which could be used as topics for speech in school assembly. Use it as morning assembly speech or consider them as general topics for speech in English but they are very useful. These are specially assembly topics for class 8. Read these short speeches and be ready for morning assembly topics

 Given below is a newspaper report on the state of cancer prevailing in India. You have been asked to deliver a speech on ‘Cancer—A Silent Killer’ at ‘The World Health Day’ celebrations. Taking information from the clipping given below and your own ideas, write the speech in your answer sheet is not more than 120 words.

In India, cities are more cancer-prone than rural areas. In the early 1990’s, we expected one out of 10-15 urban Indians to get cancer in their lifetime that is every second or third family would have to face this disease. This is partly due to high levels of benzene in the air and also that the metros are exposed to high levels of pesticides in their foods.

In order to check the steady growth of cancer in the country, the Government shall have to give priority to preventive action. At the same time measures to undertake improvement in facilities for the treatment of cancer shall have to be adopted. 

Answer                                                                                   ‘Cancer—A Silent Killer’

Dear friends

Today is ‘The World Health Day’. I, Mukesh, have come here to deliver a speech on ‘cancer-A Silent Killer’.

It is a matter of concern that our urban population has become cancer-prone more than the rural Population. Every tenth person is likely to have cancer. It is due to high level of benzene in the air. It

is also due to the high levels of pesticides in the foods. Also, highly radio-active waves of the cell-phones etc, have contributed to this grave danger to the human population.

To check this menace of cancer, the Government shall have to give top-most priority to preventive actions. More facilities like Diagnostic Centres and Cancer Hospitals need to be created for the treatment of cancer patients.

 I would say that we all should sit together and devise ways and means to contain the spread of this deadly disease First of all; we must ban the wide use of pesticides. Excessive use of pesticides is really harmful to human health. In the developed countries, much emphasis is being laid on organic manure instead of the fertilizer. So we have to introduce organic manure. Then crop pattern needs to be changed.

Besides this, a kind of public awareness programme will have to be undertaken. The public is to be awakened towards the growth of cancer and its easy detection. This would help in the containing of this disease at its initial stages. If cancer is detected and treated at the early stages, it can’t be fatal.

 Thank you!

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