4.Class 11 & 12 Best Debate Writing Topic : “Increasing incidents of rape and murder in metro cities

By | December 10, 2019

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You are Shivam/Saloni of SPC School, Rohini. Your school is hosting a debate competition on “Increasing incidents of rape and murder in metro cities due to lapses in law”. Write a debate either in favour or against it. (Word limit 150-200).



 Increasing Incidents of Rape and Murder in Metro Cities due to Lapses in Law

Good morning respected judges, worthy teachers and my dear friends. Today, I am here to express my views on the topic: “Increasing Incidents of Rape and Murder in Metro Cities due to Lapses in Law”. I will be speaking for the motion. Each and every day, newspapers are flooded with incidents of murders and rapes. Why are these cases increasing day by day? One of the strongest reasons is that there are various loopholes in the law.

 Death sentences and strict punishments are given in rarest of rare situations only. Moreover, those who have power get free easily. They keep the law in their favour and become the decision makers themselves. If stringent laws are there, automatically some fear can be created in the minds of criminals. Even when the case is strong and it is known to everyone who is the ones behind any murder/rape, even then it takes years and years to solve the case and deliver the judgment. The delay in justice is an advantage for our criminals. Even the 16th December gang rape or Ayushi murder cases are pending.


 Good morning respected judges, worthy teachers and my dear friends. I am here to speak on the topic “Increasing Incidents of Rape and Murder in Metro Cities due to Lapses in Law”, and I will be speaking against the motion.

 Are the law and rules only needed to stop the crime? Yes, they are needed but are not the sole reason behind the increasing incidents of rape and murder. There are several reasons and causes behind the increase in the crime graph in metro cities. The increase in communal disharmony, the lust for power, the anger and feeling taking revenge sometimes make a person murderer or rapist. A person is not a murderer or rapist by birth, then why he turns out to be one is a major issue to be resolved. We need to understand why the thinking of our society is getting so distorted. Why do murder and rape happen? Sometimes excessive violence and crimes like rape showed on media like TV, the Internet, etc. negatively affect the mind of persons. They get so much driven by this that the need of doing a crime arrives in one’s mind.

 Crime happens because we don’t take initiatives to combat it. Police and government can’t be omnipresent. It is us who have to take the charge at times. Do we help people when they are being beaten up or we see any rape victims on the road? We always want to be safe at home and don’t want the headache of helping others. Why do we forget something can happen with ourselves too someday? So help someone now and never hesitate to do that. Moreover, speak about awareness and bring the change.

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