CBSE Debate writing Example No- 4

By | November 30, 2019

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 Today in this modern contemporary world, people are striving hard to earn their living and to have two square meals a day. In this so called high profiled technological growth, people are suffering from many problems and diseases. As the growth is proliferating so is the problem of maligning image. Today the juveniles are suffering front what is called eve-teasing.

 Ans.                                                                           Eve-teasing

 Eve-teasing is scaling rapidly now-a-days. As per the dictionary meaning of eve-teasing it means commenting on someone in order to make fill), or abashing him or her. This problem has elevated now as compared to past. Question arises what is the main cause of eve-teasing? Is it that we want to show that we are superior to others? Or we just want to make fun of others. Well whatever may be the reasons; this is really a bad aspect of human life that we are treating others as inhumane.

The problem of eve-teasing may be attributed to the had education scenario, because it is what the education makes the human as humane. Today’s education scenario is such like we have some hesitation in talking to people of other gender. We are not taught how to behave with the members of other gender. Another main factor which is contributing towards growing this menace is the fashion of today. Today fashion is such that we are in volubly compelled toward-teasing. Last but not the least, as far as I am concerned I think is the cinema which is responsible for, sonic pan of eve-teasing. Movies are not what they used to be, they are hampering the minds of people, affecting their mentality and growth. People are becoming stoical, not convivial. They are not of placating nature now.

In the nutshell we can say that eve-teasing is becoming a serious problem now as population or penury. People who undergo eve-teasing may end up their life due to abashment. Government should behave like a martinet and should imprison or impose monetary implications on those who are responsible because everyone in this world has the right to live without trepidations and tensions.

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