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By | July 24, 2020
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Mobile Phones Boon or Bane?

Introduced in the nineties the bulky box was a rich man’s delight. In less than ten years, it became every man’s pocket item, irrespective of one’s socio-economic status. From a premium segment item, it became everyone’s necessity and prices got slashed to unimaginable levels. With time, the mobile phones underwent many transformations. At an alarming speed, they shrunk in size to pocket-sized wonders and equally soon, their utility diversified.

 Primarily used for simple telephonic conversations in case of emergency or urgency, mobile phones were used for sending text messages, playing games, for internet browsing, etc.

 The mobile phones of today are gizmos that perform multiple functions. They can send text messages, send and receive videos,

be used for accessing e-books, aid in direction or route finding, click pictures, and are used for a host of other functions. In India, almost everyone everywhere seems to have a mobile phone. The vegetable vendor, the bus conductor, students, the office goers, almost everybody irrespective of economic status has a cell phone. This by little midget has taken the world b storm. Every where – malls, metro, buses, etc., one is swarmed by people glued to their cell phones.

 Indeed, the myriad uses of this little box have eased life manifold and brought a revolution in the world. Through text applications like whatsapp, we chat, etc., one can connect with anyone in any part of the world. The craze among teenagers and youngsters to get hold of the latest model of this magical device is immense.

 However, this little device of wonder has had many unfavourable repercussions as well. The invention and addition of all the advanced features have led to excessive use of it and complicated life. At homes, all members are most engaged in their phones and interact less with others.

 It also drifts students away from studies as almost all the time they are glued to their phones and devote less time to their books. This negatively affects their performance in schools and colleges and leads to poor grades. Also, there is a risk of invasion of privacy. People record videos of other people or click their pictures without their knowledge.

The nominal call rates allow spammers to trouble others especially girls with unwanted calls and messages on whatsapp and social media applications and sites. At the same time, advertising through text messages makes one’s cell phone keep beeping all the time and is a nuisance.

 In case of emergency, often the network is jammed due to indiscriminate use by all. Students have also been caught storing answers on the cell phone to use during exams.

 Lastly, several health risks have also been projected by over use of mobiles like slow brain damage, sleep disorders, reduced productivity, etc.

Thus, with every technology, along with its uses, come misuses and it is the user’s responsibility to strike a balance and use it with caution. One must not forget that human is the master of technology and not its slave.

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