37.English Essay Example on : Childhood

By | July 25, 2018

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Everybody knows and believes that childhood is the golden period of man’s life. Child is free from all the worries which punk the minds of the grown-ups.
A cunning grown up person’s mind is always upset. It is because such a person is always thinking of new and new schemes, plots and strategies to cheat befool and hoodwink others.
A child has no such thinking. He is not a selfish or greedy creature. He suffers neither from superiority nor from inferiority complex. He is innocent like a dove. At the most he makes certain kinds of mischief and pranks. But these are harmless as he has no selfish motives in such activities. He only wants fun and laughter.
A child is a lovable creature. Parents shower all their affection on him and take care of his health, growth and education. They teach him language, good habits and manners. They make all the sacrifices for him. The child need, not have any worry. His only concern is to read, play and feel happy.
It must, however, be borne in mind that childhood is not alt a blissful, heavenly period of man’s life. A child is dependent on others. He may not sometimes get all his desires fulfilled. In such a state may feel sad and depressed. In particular, the children belonging to poor families have to suppress so many of their genuine and legitimate desires and this has an adverse effect on their personality. Such children may not grow up into healthy, intelligent adults.
So many children, particularly those belonging to lower strata of society have to do manual labour to earn money for their family to make a bare existence possible. These children do not attend schools or just end as dropouts. To make their attendance more certain, midday meals have been started in government schools. Education for children of the age from 6 to 14 has been made a fundamental right. But in practice, we still have to go a long way.

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