34. Essay Writing Format, structure and Examples. ‘Environment Wild Life Our Heritage’

By | July 6, 2019

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Environment Wild Life Our Heritage

We have a sparkling productive forest, rich soils etc. from the very beginning. All these and many others were the remarkable gifts of nature to Indians. We were rich in natural resources like fertility of the soil, water resources, climate, wildlife etc. from long ago.

Urbanisation, industrialisation and modernisation etc. derailed the environmental system of India. Profit making agencies and our governments constructed dams without once pursuing to establish whether or not the country was profiting from them. Pesticides such as D.D.T., fertilizers, etc. were used in a massive quantity. All these and other activities began to disturb the ecosystem. Good and faithful fellows of environment i.e. trees were cut for the sale of timber. Deforestation created many complications and difficulties for wildlife. Moreover many species of wildlife became extinct. Soil erosion, floods, warming of the atmosphere, water pollution etc. are the outcomes of our ill policies and hung for money making.

 The above-cited tragedies are unfolded over decades after the independence but our politicians and planners berated those who protested against the damage of our ecological base. In this way, we are not only economically backward but we are also making ourselves poor in respect of the environment.

In fact, there are some NGOs, individuals, political parties who are calling to save the environment. The efforts made by governments and NGOs reflect that they are just calling and doing theoretical practices.

To save wildlife and the environment we have to do some effective real work on ground level instead of pump and show. We should use our knowledge, skill and technology to save the environment instead of damaging it. In the recent past, the government has realised the importance of wildlife and opened many sanctuaries and reserves for wildlife. In these reserves and sanctuaries, the animals can live in their natural habits. Even important plants are being preserved. Thus, wildlife is our heritage and should be protected.

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