339. Reading Skills Comprehension: Film Industry

By | July 11, 2019

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Film Industry

Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow them:         

The film industry is facing the challenge of the television screen which, because of its ready availability and nearness to entertainment seekers, is becoming very popular, particularly in the West where television programmes are as indispensable to people as newspaper material. Sustainedentertainment for multitudes lasting two or three hours is possible only in big cinema halls. Scenic beauty, background effects and colour techniques which have made the products of cinema industry so attractive and delightful may not be reproduced by television programme organisers, and therefore, this important invention in the field of wireless communication, in spite of having become a big rival of the cinema, may not succeed in replacing it.

 The motion picture has also stepped into the international sphere as an agent of goodwill and co-operation among nations. Cultural contacts which tend to reduce tension in the world and bring harmony in international relations have been established through the medium of films. The more people understand and appreciate the past history, present aims, customs, habits and beliefs of men and women in foreign lands, the more they will realise that their interests can best be served by establishing friendly relations with them and by removing those irritants which breed distrust, lack of co-operation and the desire to punish those whose views and attitudes are such as they do not like. As cultural agents movies can cement ties of love and brotherhood among nations and teach them to confer on each other the benefits of all the rich and glorious achievements of the present enlightened age. In recent years artists of the film world have been visiting foreign lands with a view to presenting before audiences in those countries the best products of their cultural heritage. Film festivals which many European and Asian countries have been organising from time to time have also proved to be of immense value in reducing social barriers, colour prejudices and other causes of friction between nations.

Word-Meaning: Seekers— those who seek,ढूडने बाले  Indispensable—which can’t be avoided, अति आवश्यक Replacing— taking the place,स्थान लेना  Irritant— a substance that makes part of your body painful or sore, चोभक उत्तेजक Breed— produce,पैदा करना  Heritage— history, traditions and qualities held for many years विरासत  Immense— huge,विशाल  Barriers—obstacles,बाधाय Friction— conflict गतिरोध


  1. Why is the television screen challenging the film industry?
  2. In which field may the television screen not succeed?
  3. Why are the artists of the film visiting foreign lands?
  4. What is the contribution of film festivals?
  5. Find a word from the passage which means ‘copied’.


  1. The television screen is challenging the film industry due to its ready availability and nearness to the viewers.
  2. The television screen may not succeed in replacing the film industry.
  3. The artists of the film world are visiting foreign lands to present the best products of their cultural heritage.
  4. Film festivals have been able to reduce social barriers, colour prejudices and other causes of friction among nations.
  5. Reproduced.

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