33. Complaint Letter Regarding : Non-payment of Dues

By | July 28, 2023
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Samandar Pal & Sons of Meston Road, Lucknow, have not paid you Rs. 17,280 for steel furniture supplied to them on August, 20……  Write to them a letter of complaint about non-payment of dues. Sign yourself as ‘somebody’.                           

Ans:-Perfect Steel Furniture Co.


March 04, 2020

M/s. Samandar Pal & Sons

 Meston Road,


Subject: Complaint about Non-payment of Dues


We want to remind you of your Order No. 980-86, dated 2nd Aug., 20…, for the supply of 1300 chairs and 350 tables, which were supplied to you on 28th Aug., 20… It is sorry to say that the cost of the furniture i.e., Rs. 17,280/- has not been realised by us though we have reminded you of it time and again.

You know it very well that we charge reasonable rates from our customers. The profit margin is quite small. We are doomed to lose if we have customers like you. We have always co-operated with; you should also realize our situation and position.

We hope that you will make the payment within a fortnight positively; otherwise, we shall be compelled to charge interest at market rates and seek the help of our legal adviser.

Yours faithfully

 ABC, Manager

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