32.English Essay Example on : Power of the Press

By | July 25, 2018

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Power of the Press


Freedom of the Press


The Newspapers


The Fourth Estate

 If one thing of which even the crookedest politicians and bureaucrats may be afraid is the press. It is rightly called the fourth estate. In any government, especially that having a democrative setup, the three important organs is the legislature, the judiciary and the executive. The press may be regarded as the fourth organ.

 The press brings to surface all the machinations of the clever politicians through simple informative statements and comments. The word Newspapers is almost synonymous with the word press. These newspapers are widely read even by the commonest people. Thus, if a politician falls in the eyes of the newspapers, he also loses favour with the common people whom he has to go for votes sooner or later.

The newspapers carry news, advertisements, readers’ views, editorials, book reviews, cartoons, pictures, quizzes, etc. The word news is sometimes written in capital letters NEWS to convey the sense of North, East, West and South respectively which implies that they bring news from all directions or from all over the world. But we know that the newspapers carry information even from the skies. For instance, they tell us when an eclipse is to take place, when a storm is likely to approach a particular sea-coast, when the Sun is going to flare up, when a comet will touch the atmosphere of the earth, etc. They also tell us about the weather.

In the newspapers we read editorials which carry comments on different policies of the government and other matters. Sometimes, these editorials are biased in favour of or against a particular political party or other organization. So, we must read them most objectively. If we want to express our views, we can write a simple letter to the editor. Thus, newspapers are something useful, unavoidable and even indispensable in the modem age.

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