31.Short Essay and Article on : The lifestyle of Students

By | July 11, 2020

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You are Manju/Manoj. You have interviewed many school students and their parents on the hectic schedule followed by the students who undergo coaching in different private or institutional coaching centres. You are much concerned about the waste of their precious time and neglect of physical exercise. Write an article in 150-200 words to be published in ‘The Hindustan Times’, Delhi stating the problem and suggesting some remedies.

Ans.                                                                   The lifestyle of Students

by Manju

All work and no play make not only Jack but all children ‘dull’. The modern lifestyle, ambition and growing competition leave no time for students to look beyond their mundane lifestyle and enjoy outdoor activities.

Everyone around us today is part of a mad-rat race with people leading a very robotic and mechanical life. The cut-throat competition, the prestige of studying in a good higher educational institution, entrance exams, etc. have taken away the innocence and childhood of the students. Children art victims of pressure which comes not only from competition but also from family, where parents put their wild dreams in the minds of their children. This pressure leads to a hectic schedule at school, coaching institutes, etc. and leaves very little or no time for physical activities like sports exercises or cultural activities like dance, drama, music and other outdoor activities. For all-round development of a child, it is imperative that he/she takes part in all such activities and hone his skills. Students often succumb to competition and this, in turn, hampers their growth.

The biggest reason for competition is the lack of quality educational institutions. The government thus needs to make an effort in increasing the number of educational institutions like medical, engineering law colleges, etc so that demands are met with. Effective change is also required in the education policy and curriculum framework so that children are given time for all activities. Meaningful changes can only come when parents and teachers alike help students to deal with such situations and have better time management.

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