3.Describing Place : My School

By | August 7, 2020

Describing a place

needs a little knowledge about the place. Whenever it is asked most of the times the information about this is given if it is a specific place. Like area, population, background, importance, weather and climate, how you can reach or so, but if it is a common place like library, temple, home, school, canteen etc. all these places carry the same universal description. We are giving some descriptive paragraph samples
which you can use as writing description example because describing a place creative writing is the part of class 9 English syllabus. So go through and be perfect in describing a place essay. These describing a place paragraphs are full of some additional knowledge also. Dive into describing a place creative paragraphs by clicking the link above.

3. Give a brief description of your school using the hints given below.

  • KV AFS Baroda
  • Beautiful ‘C” shaped building
  • Vast playground
  • 30 rooms and a conference room
  • I science laboratories-Physics. Chemistry and Biology
  • 2 Computer labs
  • A library full of books
  • A group of learned teachers and well-disciplined 1500 students.
  • Principal: Vibrant, talented. an excellent administrator and child loving

Ans.                                                                      My School

 I have been a student of K V AFS Baroda since the beginning of school life. This is ‘C’ shaped big building, spread in an area of about 2 acres. It has a beautiful vast playground. There are 30 spacious rooms to impart education to nearly 1500 students from class I to XII. The rooms are big airy, well ventilated and furnished with Modem classroom furniture. There is also a well-furnished large conference room. The school has three separate laboratories for Physics. Chemistry and Biology respectively. Besides, it has two air-conditioned computer labs with Internet facilities. A huge library with books on various subjects is the pride of the school. Education for all development is imparted by a group of teamed teachers to 1500 well-disciplined students. The school is well by our vibrant and talented administrator and affectionate principal Mrs Santa Naswa.

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